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Future Plans

Future Plans

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Hello, Game Masters!

The Castles & Cats Kickstarter will be going live Tuesday, March, 26th, 2019!

Upon shipping (Projected Date November 2019) with Castles & Cats, three Campaign Adventures will also be released.  After launch I plan to release a campaign every 2 - 3 months continuing the story from the previous campaigns.  Campaigns will be available here on castlesandcats.com as $5 digital download or a physical copy currently estimated at $30 + Shipping per campaign.  Physical copies will include Map Mats, Story Item Cards and Character/Monster Standee Figures.  The digital copies also have maps, story item cards and Character/Monster cut outs but will need to be printed and assembled.   

As a Kickstarter Exclusive,  backers pledging for a physical copy of Castles & Cats or the Digital Plus package will receive the first three campaign adventures in some form. 

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Expansions containing new races, classes, class upgrades, new armor, weapons and class items, etc are currently in development!

Castles & Cats has been a work in progress for three years, I have gone through several prototypes, testing/retesting game mechanics, found a company to print my game and calculated all current and future pricing. After the most recent prototype, I have made (what I hope to be) my final edits to the base game. All three campaign adventures to release with the game have been written and illustrations are in final stages.

For now Castles & Cats is just a one woman team. I have two small kids and a lot of my time goes to helping them navigate their world. However, in Castles & Cats I have found passion, not only for my kids but for myself. If given the opportunity, I know Castles & Cats can be more than just an amazing game.