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Adventure Book

Adventure Book & Card Organization

Card organization during game play has always been a annoyance of mine so I have come up with what I like to call Castles & Cats Adventure Book. This might not be for everyone and that is totally OK!  Game Masters or players can organize their cards however they see fit.

The main purpose of the Adventure Book works to organize the characters equipped and banked items allowing the players room to see their combat items, story items, heart points and buffs with ease.

The Cover or first page of the Adventure Book is the character sheet. The character sheet give players a place for their equipped items during game and space to write/draw any fun facts they want to share about their character.


There is also a space for players to draw and customize their characters appearance, which I had some very awesome kiddos do during the Kickstarter campaign. Make sure to check out their creations below in the Character Creation Gallery!

At the very bottom of the character sheet I added an “Adventure Log” so players and game masters can track what adventures each player has completed.  I’m in the process of making little badges for the Castles & Cats adventures that can also be printed and taped/glued on to this area.

Inside the adventure book I have placed a pencil bag to store banked items during play and all items/dice in between sessions.


As you might have read during the kick starter, I will be releasing new Adventures every 2 - 3 months after the base game and first three adventures ship.  As a way to fill in that waiting period each adventure will come with ideas for (3-5) side quest to run in between adventure releases.

One or Two of these side quest are going to be a character development or role playing exercise in the form of a creative writing or drawing project.  These projects are called Adventure Book Projects and can also be stored in the Adventure book as a way for players to look back on their adventures!

As my work progresses on Castles & Cats so does my excitement for sharing this experience with you and your players.

Character Creation Gallery!

Download a Character Sheet here: Character Sheet JPEG