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Official Campaigns

The Elder Dragon Adventures


Adventure I: Forest, Fungi & Flowers

Players are thrown into a mysterious new world only to be greeted by a clumsy wizard and his magical fire sprite Pyre.  Why have they been summoned here? And what is the deal with all these plants?!

In Adventure 1 players travel through an enchanted forest and encounter strange creatures as they travel to the Cat Kingdom, where they will start their training to face the dreaded Time Dragon.


Adventure 2: Caves & Kobolds

Having journeyed through the Flower Kingdom players have made their way to Hibernation Station.  Will they free Sir Ramsley and find a way to get through the mountain pass to the Cat Kingdom?

In Adventure 2 players fight and puzzle their way through the maze like caves of Hibernation Station during a Kobold invasion.


Adventure 3: Castles & Cats

After maneuvering and puzzling their way through Hibernation Station, players finally find themselves on the right track towards the Cat Kingdom.

In Adventure 3 players will finally make their way to the Cat Kingdom to begin their training with Caticus and prepare for their Journey to aid the Frog Federation.