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Official Campaigns

The Elder Dragon Adventures


Adventure I: Forest, Fungi & Flowers

Players are thrown into a mysterious new world only to be greeted by a clumsy wizard and his magical fire sprite Pyre.  Why have they been summoned here? And what is the deal with all these plants?!

In Adventure 1 players travel through an enchanted forest and encounter strange creatures as they travel to the Cat Kingdom, where they will start their training to face the mysterious darkness plaguing the realm.


Adventure 2: Caves & Kobolds

Having journeyed through the Flower Kingdom players have made their way to Hibernation Station.  Will they free Sir Ramsley and find a way to get through the mountain pass to the Cat Kingdom?

In Adventure 2 players fight and puzzle their way through the maze like caves of Hibernation Station during a Kobold invasion.


Adventure 3: Castles & Cats

After maneuvering and puzzling their way through Hibernation Station, players finally find themselves on the right track towards the Cat Kingdom.

In Adventure 3 players will finally make their way to the Cat Kingdom to begin their training and prepare for their Journey to aid the Frog Federation.